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5 key packaging trends for 2023

5 Key Packaging Trends for 2023

In a market of ever-increasing choice, ensuring your business is ahead of the curve is essential. And with more and more eco-friendly innovations finding their way to market each year, customers expect the packaging landing on their doorstep to meet their design and sustainability expectations. 

It goes without saying that packaging plays a pivotal role in representing your brand. In fact, 40% of online shoppers say they are more likely to share a product image or video on social media if the packaging is branded.

From better material choices, tech-first design features and simpler branding options, there are numerous trends set to rise in popularity in 2023, so stay on top of what’s new with these 5 in-vogue packaging ideas.

5 key packaging trends for 2023

Sustainable materials 

As outlined, sustainability is a key consideration for the modern consumer, and material choices have become increasingly emphasised in recent years. Customers now expect both transparency and simple recycling of their packaging, with 64% of UK consumers more likely to buy from retailers that provide sustainable packaging.

But with brands keen to position themselves as environmentally conscious and active in their approach to sustainability, it’s important to recognise key symbols on your packaging. That’s where FSC® certification comes in.

FSC® Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council’s primary objective is to endorse environmentally sustainable treatment of the world’s forestlands, ensuring the harvesting of timber doesn’t adversely affect both biodiversity and the local communities for whom a continuous connection to forests is pivotal for survival. 

In sourcing FSC®-approved materials and suppliers, customers can ensure sustainability standards expected by many major UK businesses are met. Subsequently, both corporate social responsibility and national-level policy compliance is assured.

Minimalist Designs

The phrase ‘less is more’ has been a well-established design philosophy for many years – and when it comes to packaging, a cleaner, more sleek aesthetic is set to lead the way in 2023.

There are multiple benefits to switching to a minimalist design. Principally, fewer bells and whistles often means a reduction in excess material, reducing waste and cutting packaging costs. Further, a simple design approach aligns with an emphasis on transparency, simplicity and honesty. 

A natural matte finish, simple embossing, and the use of card sleeves as alternatives to plastic wraps are all set to rise in popularity across retail packaging next year, so be sure to factor these packaging ideas in mind. 

Refill and Reuse Schemes

With a growing number of major brands and manufacturers pledging to operate with greater transparency and sustainability, more reuse systems are slated to hit the retail landscape in 2023.

Earlier this year, the Coca-Cola Company announced its plan to have 25% of all beverages across its global array of brands be sold in refillable or reusable bottles by 2030, as part of its World Without Waste initiative. The initiative outlines the following core aims:

  • All packaging to be 100% recyclable by 2025; use 50% recycled material in bottles and cans by 2030
  • Collect and recycle a can or bottle for each one sold by 2030
  • Working towards a debris-free global environment 

Read Coca-Cola’s 2020 World Without Waste Report. 

Returnable Packaging

The ongoing popularity of e-commerce shopping has given rise to a growing desire for returnable packaging solutions. By offering packaging that meets this need, businesses can bolster their brand and signal their drive to offer greener alternatives to help cut packaging waste.

Implementing a returnable packaging solution also creates a positive refund/returns process for customers, reinforcing your aim to make returns as simple as possible. 

Interactive Packaging

As we’ve established, a simple touch can have a big impact when it comes to packaging. But a pared back approach can still include interactive solutions to provide a memorable unboxing experience. 

A growing number of retailers are adding printed instructions for users to share their purchases and access new offers, increasing engagement time significantly and strengthening the business-to-customer connection.

Quick wins such as personalised messages and exclusive offers via QR codes and NFC tags help to bolster brand perception for consumers. And in an age of viral unboxing videos, adding a hint of digitalisation to your packaging can make your packaging stand out from the crowd.

From fully recyclable packaging solutions, to bespoke ideas for retail businesses, we can offer the manufacturing, storage and delivery facilities to ensure your packaging needs are met. Email us at, send us a message, or phone 01543 396700 today to discover how we can integrate process-efficient solutions into your business.