Using Automation to Create Efficient Order Fulfilment Systems


If your business is experiencing an increase in custom and a subsequent greater need for reliable, high-quality packaging and efficient order fulfilment systems, it may be time to consider integrating automated systems into your operation. 

Integrating automation for fulfilment operations

There exists a range of automated packing options to suit a myriad of business types, from simple automated void fill dispensers to full carton erectors, sealers and labelling units. 

If you’re simply seeking to speed up your manual packing processes without creating undue waste, an automated void fill dispenser might be the ideal choice for your business. Units such as the AIRpillow Airtech machine dispense easily recyclable, lightweight pillows on demand, serving as the ideal choice to protect fragile and delicate goods.

Building up boxes to complete orders can be both time-consuming and labour intensive. Tray erectors eliminate this cost, by processing sheets from a filling unit and constructing ready-to-fill cartons from corrugated blanks, ahead of picking. 

There are numerous packing machines on the market, and while they all differ slightly in footprint, operating component and output speed, they essentially all serve the same function: to pack out cartons quickly and efficiently. Machines such as the B+ e-Cube® accurately measure box contents and tear the carton’s corners to fold each side and produce a single, sealed outer for the packed goods. This versatile automation solution allows for multiple height outputs across one or two box footprints.

Inline labellers finish the packing process, providing reliable, flexible label application to a sealed carton, often with a modular construction to allow for repositioning across a packing line, letting you incorporate multiple levels of automation into your system and allowing for uniformity in order processing. Labelling machines are suited to multiple label types and formats.