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The essential factors for better transport packaging 

The Essential Factors for Better Transport Packaging

Now more than ever, transportation businesses and logistics companies are needing better returns on investment from the packaging they use. From increased protection capacity to improved reusability and sustainability, innovative solutions need to tick several boxes, for new packaging solutions to stand out from the competition.

In the case of transport solutions, there are numerous key factors to consider. To make your search for better high-volume and transport-orientated packaging here are some key packaging innovations to bear in mind.

The must-haves for improved transport packaging

Strong and reusable solutions

It goes without saying that weight plays a major factor in transport costs, given the expenses associated with increased consignment loads. A quick and simple choice to achieve reduced weights is nestable plastic pallets, offering four-way entry, optimal reusability and simple storage, as they nestle into each other quickly and conveniently. Plastic pallets also ensure safer loading, with an interlocking pattern that distributes weight evenly over the pallet below.

Looking for a robust solution to store your palletised products? Pallet boxes are perfect for the storage and transport of heavy goods. Available in multiple types and delivered flat-packed for optimum space-saving, the hard-wearing corrugated boxes can be assembled in seconds, ensuring speed and efficiency in your packing operation.

Lightweight and easy-to-integrate options

As outlined, pack weights can greatly impact transport costs - as well impacting the ease of manual loading and picking. To remedy this, air-based void-fill solutions enable packing operations to secure their goods without excesses of material, increasing packing efficiency without creating bulky consignments.

With ultra-efficient air pillows, 100% natural loose-fill, innovative air pocket systems and more, the range of simple, highly effective packing solutions on offer is varied, with options for virtually any operation. 

Sustainable, high-performance products

While protection, weight and repurposability play important roles in influencing packaging choices, sustainability has become a vitally important factor for businesses in recent years. 

An essential in bundling loose goods, securing palletised products and assembling products, strapping is a staple of any packing operation. But with heightened public awareness of plastic’s impact on the environment, the need for sustainable, high-performance alternatives has never been greater. 

Fortunately, Ecostrap™ paper strapping offers a high breaking strain, complete recyclability and all the performance benefits of its plastic counterpart. Better still, it’s compatible with conventional semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines.

For delicate goods, Hexcel paper wrap offers superfast wrapping, with a unique interlocking pattern that opens up from a roll, gripping tightly to products and adhering to itself without the need for wrap, fill and tape. 

Sustainability comes in multiple forms, and returnable packaging can be an effective choice that’s easily transportable, with integrated peel-and-seal tabs and return label markers ensuring ultra-simple processing without the use of tape stickers. The fully integrated carton features also allow for accurate weight and material measurements, for more consistent packing and uniform order fulfilment at scale.

Reusable, recyclable and sustainable packaging options, which include increasing levels of fully recycled content, are increasingly becoming part of the standard product packaging mix, and customers can seamlessly integrate these solutions into existing systems and processes.

Like-for-like packaging alternatives 

Old habits die hard, and packaging that offers businesses reliable protection at a low cost will always remain a popular choice. But with new product innovations hitting the market at a rapidly increasing rate, making the switch to green alternatives has never been easier. 

For operations that rely on bubble wrap, M-Boss™ Paper Bubble Wrap’s ultra-lightweight, flexible and fully recyclable sheets ensure maximum protection against knocks and abrasions. This allows users to accurately track material costs, for precise packing and accurate reporting over time. 

Ready to top off your palletised load? e-cover™ Polythene Top Sheets are made from at least 30% recycled content and perforated for easy dispensing, providing protection from dust and water damage and coverage for standard and European pallet sizes. For high-volume businesses looking for additional opportunities to increase their green credentials and safeguard their purchases from the Plastic Packaging Tax, e-cover™ top sheets are the ideal choice.

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