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Five Tips for Creating a Unique Packaging Experience


In a trading landscape where e-commerce purchases continue on an upward trajectory, thinking about ways to create a unique, memorable packaging experience for your customers is essential to stand apart from your competitors. And in a market full of inventive retailers, building your brand through impactful, efficient packaging is more important than ever.

Here are five points to consider when assessing the effectiveness of your packaging in enhancing the shopper's unboxing experience. 

Main packaging design

It goes without saying that implementing unique, eye-catching packaging can instantly serve to promote your brand and differentiate your packaged goods from your competitors'. But creating memorable, distinctive artwork designs for your boxes, mailers and envelopes can also ensure your company stays in the thoughts of onlookers whilst creating an instant connection between your brand and your customers, adding familiarity and consistency to the purchase experience, particularly for retailers with bricks and mortar stores.

Material costs and storage requirements for cartons can be reduced quickly and easily with durable single wall boxes, while innovative e-commerce solutions like the Boomerang™ Rapid Return Box offer tape-free carton sealing and order returns with ease, indicating your company's attention to detail and consideration for the customer. 

If your product can be shipped without the need for a carton, consider the use of more lightweight, efficient solutions, such as the Enviromail™ paper-fluted envelope, Insuremail™ Premium padded mailer or the Boxwrap™ corrugated book wrap

Design touches such as the inclusion of QR codes and social media handles on labels can ensure quick access to your marketing channels and e-commerce platforms, creating further sales opportunities for your business.  

Void fill choice

Whether you elect to brighten your customer’s day with colourful tissue paper, or showcase your green credentials by using eco-friendly, paper-based void fill, selecting carton filler that’s both protective and plastic-free is likely to improve the unboxing experience for your customers. Find out more about our range of eco-friendly void fill options and coloured tissue paper

Printed material  

Everyone likes a free gift, and throwing in branded stickers, posters or cards can further enhance the unboxing process, lifting the experience for the consumer and offering the opportunity for further exposure. Adding free branded material to an order also reinforces the sentiment that the customer is valued and offers an opportunity to provide company information, instructions for product use or details of upcoming offers. 

Have a newsletter or discount card you’d like to promote? Use the printed material you include in your order as an opportunity to shout about it and produce a feeling of exclusivity in the purchasing experience. 

Customised letter

While it may not be viable to create a handwritten note for every purchase, adding an element of customisation to the order is sure to make your customer feel valued. 

Whether you print letters of thanks en masse or take the time to create custom written notes for each purchase, you can showcase the human touch involved in every order and let the customer know there are real people behind your business. Bonus.

Packing tape

Choosing the ideal tape for your operation need not simply mean singling out the cheapest tape to seal your carton. There’s a host of effective options to choose from, including plastic-free,  custom-printed, self-adhesive and water-activated packaging tapes.

Paper-based tapes (such as Boxbond™) are ultra-quick and firmly seal cartons with just a single strip, saving time and cutting material use per order. Better still, Boxbond™ doesn't need to be separated from cartons during the recycling process--and custom printed options are available--showcasing your company’s drive for sustainability. 

If you’re looking for increased efficiency in your order fulfilment process, gummed paper tape dispenser units could be the right choice. Electronic machines allow for custom length dispensing, with a range of easy-to-use presets for quick tape application.

Discover more tips for enhancing the unboxing experience by reading our blog: The Importance of Emphasising the Unboxing Experience.

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