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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


Innovative Solutions for Plastic-Free Packing


In a climate of ever-expanding e-commerce markets and increasing demand for cartons across Europe, avoiding plastic packaging can be a challenge. But new material innovations and expanding efforts to create green alternatives to conventional polymer-based options are yielding a range of impressive results. 

To help you maintain operational efficiency whilst staying green, here are some quick, simple solutions to consider. 

Paper void fill and wrap

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When packing out cartons, sourcing a cheap, plastic-based void fill can seem like an easy choice. But with a range of paper-based systems available, steering clear of plastic can be made easy.

From innovative, multipurpose paper wrap and pre-crumbled void fill paper, to air pillow options and ultra-fast dispensing systems, recyclable solutions to match your business’s green ambitions can be integrated into fulfilment operations with ease, offering transportability, on-demand, scalable packing.

Postal packaging

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Long gone are the days of choosing between polymer-based postal bags and plastic bubble-lined mailers. There are now a range of innovative, waste-free systems that will save on both material costs and reduce storage and space requirements for transport.

Cleverly designed book-wrapping covers, postal tubes, and paper-fluted envelopes provide robust, flexible product protection for delicate goods, paper products and more weighty items alike, ensuring efficiency and performance are optimised during busy periods. 

Paper-based document wallets


Whether you’re looking for a new means to attach delivery notes to parcels or apply consignment documents to pallets, paper-based document wallets are a surefire way of offering ample protection for important paperwork without the need for plastic.

Our 100% Kraft paper, biodegradable wallets are Plastic Packaging Tax-exempt and can remain adhered to boxes, simplifying recycling processes and ensuring less waste ends up in landfill.


Kraft paper rolls


If you’re looking to add paper-based void fill into your order fulfilment operation without switching to a purpose-built paper fill dispenser, switching to Kraft paper rolls could be the ideal choice. 

Cost-friendly options like Maxkraft™ imitation Kraft paper are made from 100% recycled paper can serve to offer simply product protection for a range of products and applications. The Maxkraft™ ribbed paper counterpart is strong, resistant paper made from 100% natural Kraft fibers, making it ideal for heavy-duty use cases.

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