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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


Simple Packaging Solutions for Shipping Delicate Goods


The holiday period is upon us, and many businesses are gearing up for increased demand, both in domestic and international sales of bottled goods. So, to ensure your bottled goods and delicate products reach their destination, whether via direct trading in the UK, or via approved importers and licensed channels abroad, ensuring your packaging hits the mark is essential.

Make your packaging choice all the more simple with highly protective, product and speedy packaging solutions

Hexcel wrap 

White Hexcel & Vase

An ideal plastic-free void fill and surrounding layer for delicate goods, excel wrap is a recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging solution, offering high-performance packing and a host of design benefits.

The wrap's unique interlocking pattern opens up from a neatly packed flat storage state, gripping tightly to your products and adhering to itself with ample cushioning, removing the need to use wrap, fill and tape in combination. What's more, Hexcel wrap can be torn to the required amount in seconds, reducing your packing time by up to 50%


Inflatech Inflatable Packs

Making use of an innovative air pocket design, Inflatech™ is perfect for glassware, electronics and food products. The system’s unique ridging and seal system surrounds your product, suspending the item within its air pouches, reducing the risk of damage from abrasions, impacts and water damage, eliminating the need for additional void fill or item wrapping.

Mesh sleeves

Mesh Sleeving

Extruded mesh sleeving is a simple, cost-effective solution for protecting oblong shapes and delicate goods such as ceramics, glass and engineered components. The sleeves’ flexible material resists greases and aids in reducing impact and surface damage in transit, allowing for fast, efficient order fulfilment. 

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