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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


Social Media Statistics to Inform Your E-Commerce Marketing in 2022


Staying ahead of e-commerce trends is essential to ensuring web-based businesses are maximising their exposure to potential customers and serving to meet the needs of online shoppers. So to make sure you hit the ground running with web-savvy trading in 2022, here are 10 key social media statistics gathered in 2021 to consider:

  • 54% of social media users trawl social platforms to research products (GlobalWebIndex), highlighting the importance of marketing your products across your social media pages. Regular, engaging posts will increase engagement and help to drive traffic to your e-commerce channels.

  • There were 1.3 million new social media users every day in 2022 (Hootsuite), so be sure to consider the impact of reaching new users when setting out your marketing strategy and budget as we move through the new year. 

  • By Quarter 3 of 2021, Facebook had 1.93 billion active users each day (Satista). And with the social media behemoth's ever-increasing integrations with e-commerce platforms, purchasing goods via the site has never been easier.

  • 98.5% of Facebook users access the platform with a mobile device – with 81.5% of those users choosing to only ever access the platform via phones (Backlinko), so be sure to optimise the mobile browsing experience to increase traffic and conversion rates. 

  • There were 10 million active advertisers on Facebook in Quarter 3 of 2021 (Satista), showing the platform’s success in getting your products in front of new markets and potential new customers.

  • Looking to maximise exposure? Stats show that the optimal period to post on Facebook is at 11am or between 1pm and 2pm on Wednesdays (Sprout Social).

  • Twitter posts containing hashtags receive 100% more engagement (Buffer), so be sure to make use of relevant keywords to improve follower interest and interactions with your content.  

  • Instagram states that over 850 million users can be reached via its platform (Kontentino).

  • Of those asked, 87% of users commented that they were compelled to follow a brand’s page after seeing an ad on Instagram (Facebook), showing the potential for an increased ROI on your ad spend 2022. 

  • In 2021, 130 million Instagram accounts per month engaged with a shopping post to learn more (Facebook), so for businesses wishing to increase their visibility and conversions from social media this year, be sure to consider prioritising product-related content on the platform in 2022. 

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