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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


Three Easily Recyclable Packaging Solutions for Better Waste Management


With a new year comes new initiatives for both small businesses and national retailers alike. And with continued focus on sustainability across the supply chain, opportunities for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint are ever-increasing. 

So to help your business select effective packaging solutions that allow for re-entry into the circular economy of recycled goods, here are some highly recyclable go-to packaging options. 

Edge protectors

Provex Foam Edge Protectionedge PRO-TEC™ Edge protectors

Foam edge protectors are the ideal corner-covering solution for furniture, shelving, worktops and doors, with a soft, flexible construction that provides impact absorption and stability for a range of goods. And when repurposing for storage applications isn’t an option, they can be readily recycled in standard processing plants.

Need a simple, durable edge protector for cartons and palletised goods? Made from 100% recycled paper and fully recyclable, solid board protectors can be easily cut to size, offering versatile, low-cost protection for your products and reducing your plastic use overall. 

Mailing bags

VoyagerPolythene Carrier Bags

It may come as a surprise to some, but polythene mailing bags are an ideal choice for businesses wishing to switch to versatile, highly recyclable packaging material in the long-term.

Polythene bags are durable, lightweight and waterproof, withstanding punctures whilst being flexible enough to house paper goods, clothing and mixed bundles. But perhaps their biggest upside is that polythene is 100% recyclable and less energy intensive to process than many heavier materials, with a growing number of plants around the country introducing machinery to process the bags and allow for less plastic waste to landfill. 

Bubble wrap and air pillow systems

Bubble WrapPaper Bubble Wrap

If your operation makes use of high volumes of bubble wrap, you can ensure the used product is adequately handled by communicating to your customers that the wrapping/void fill in their package is 100% recyclable, boosting your green credentials and ensuring the material is repurposed. Similarly, plastic air pillow systems can be easily processed in conventional recycling systems, ensuring a cleaner, simpler waste management process. 

But for those wishing to ditch plastic altogether, durable, flexible paper-based alternatives such as Hexcel wrap, paper bubble wrap and Airwave paper pillows serve to cut the plastic from your packing operation with no sacrifice on product safety or performance. 

If your business is looking for sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging, send us a message, or call us on 01543 396700, and find out how we can help you integrate high-performance, sustainable solutions into your operation.