Three Simple Postal Packaging Options to Help Reduce Your Plastic Use

5 October 2021

Prioritising your operational needs is essential for maximising efficiency during periods of increased demand. But while improving your green credentials whilst cutting on material costs might seem both a tall task and a non-necessity during peak season, switching to paper-based packaging might be the ideal solution for maximising product protection and enhancing your customer service levels through reduced packing times. 

So if your business is aiming to integrate paper-based postal packaging into its fulfillment operations, here are some simple, effective solutions: 


Plastic-free padded mailers

When it comes to posting lightweight and delicate goods, nailing your product protection is essential. But oversized packaging often increases space requirements in transport, makes delivery a greater challenge and increasing shipping costs for customers. So padded mailers have served as the ideal solution for a number of years, creating a streamlined, protective solution that, in most cases, can slip through your letterbox. But the standard padded mailer is often lined with plastic bubble wrap that can often be difficult to separate from its paper outer, making recycling a challenge. 

Providing all the protection capacity of conventional mailers with none of the plastic, paper fluted envelopes offer the best of worlds: efficient packaging and simple shipping with all the protective qualities of a standard lined envelope. A unique fluting design like that of the Enviromail™ envelope ensures the package is rigid enough to adequately house lightweight, delicate items whilst remaining cheap to post and quick to pack. 


Postal Tubes

Just as padded mailers can be the ideal solution for lightweight goods, postal tubes can serve as the perfect postal option for oblong items and paper products such as posters, wall planners and maps. The tubes’ lightweight construction and firm surrounding walls help prevent tears and abrasions, and they make for extremely simple and quick packing options, reducing fulfilment times and, in many cases, occupying a smaller footprint than cartons. 


Corrugated book wraps

If increased product protection for larger paper products (such as books and manuals) is required, a cardboard book wrap could be the ideal choice. Solutions such as the Boxwrap™ make use of a space-saving fold design and a protrusive outer shell to offer protection from drops and knocks while reducing the mass of the package to meet the contours of the product. The folding design reduces storage requirements and allows for speedy packing. 

Boxwrap™ is both sustainably sourced from recycled paper and fully recyclable, with a permanent, tamper-evident seal providing added security and removing the need for tape.

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