4 essential packaging concepts to boost growing businesses

21 October 2022


When it comes to packaging, many businesses adopt a function-first approach, focusing solely on the protective capacity, weight and durability of their choices. And while we certainly appreciate the importance of emphasising savings and speed of service, overlooking the personal touch and sustainability of your packaging could cost your business in the long term.

So to make sure your approach to packaging is maximising your brand for good, here are some key points to consider. 

The keys to improving your packaging

1 Sustainability

IIt probably comes as no surprise that retailers’ green credentials have grown in importance to consumers in recent years. In fact, according to recent research, 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging

Despite this, in a climate of rising costs and material shortages, many retailers may be reluctant to increase their packaging spend and pass the costs on to customers.

Thankfully, increased costs can be offset with the right choices - and versatile, green packaging can serve to reduce expenses in other areas of your business by increasing efficiency, reducing consignment weights and cutting product damages. 

Need help identifying the right eco-friendly choice for your operation? Check out our sustainable brands for a range of solutions, including biodegradable air pillows and paper-fluted envelopes.

2. Making it personal 

Everyone likes the personal touch, and for start-ups, small e-commerce brands and bespoke operators, including something special in your packaging can set your business apart from both competitors and larger retailers.

While handwritten notes are always a favourite, it can be labour-intensive to include something totally unique in each package. By creating a simple template for signatures, names or a simple ‘thank you’, you can prolong engagement time between your customer and your package and showcase your commitment to customer service.

3. The unboxing process

If, like us, you enjoy living vicariously through your favourite YouTubers and social media personalities, you’re likely already familiar with the big business of unboxing videos. 

From shopping hauls to tech reviews, some of the internet’s most popular videos involve the opening of packages big and small, creating priceless opportunities for brands to boost their profile with unique touches like custom patterns and repurposable designs. 

Indeed, more and more businesses are considering the customer journey - from hitting ‘buy now’ to receiving their delivery notification. So to make sure your brand stands out and reaps the rewards of an improved, memorable unboxing experience, consider the potential returns on an investment in bespoke materials, memorable colours and a smooth opening experience. 

Pro tip: be sure to consider your market and the consumer.

If you’re shipping low-cost consumables in high volumes, excessive packaging touches might be unwelcome. Similarly, high-fidelity packaging additions should be tempered with sustainability and cost considerations. 

A simple win: try coloured tissue paper as a low-cost, extra-protective addition to your current packaging. 

And when the purchase isn’t quite right for your customer, a returnable packaging solution can be the perfect way to maintain high service levels and simplify the returns process, reducing waste and making safe repacking swift and simple.

4. Rewarding the customer 

Whilst a written note can go a long way to strengthening your brand’s image, rewarding customer purchases will almost guarantee a memorable buying experience. 

Boosting repeat purchases can be as simple as offering discounts on future orders or exclusive offers for website visitors.

Maximise the opportunity by delivering discount codes to customers in return for simple, easy-to-follow instructions, such as prompts to follow your social media channels or QR codes to feedback forms and online surveys.

For more information on sustainable, cost-effective ideas for e-commerce operations, phone us on 01543 396700, or email sales@allpack.uk.com to find out how we can identify money-saving opportunities within your business using our expert consulting services. 

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