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Allpack's Sustainable Packaging Success Stories: An Eco-Performance Boost for Businesses

Allpacks Sustainable Packaging Success Stories An Eco-Performance Boost for Businesses

As the landscape of environmental awareness continues to permeate virtually all areas of our daily lives, an increased scrutiny over brands’ environmental credentials has taken hold, putting in motion a wave of new sustainability initiatives and reuse schemes. 

At Allpack, we take pride in meeting this call by partnering with leading brands to facilitate their transition to sustainable packaging solutions. Through various projects, we've not only helped streamline operations but also significantly reduced environmental impact, helping to influence the packaging landscape and drive change across multiple industries.

Here are some key examples that showcase the positive outcomes of these sustainability-driven initiatives.

Pallet Wrap Consolidation by Reducing Plastic Usage and Costs

grip® Film

A prominent home improvement and garden centre company sought to streamline its inventory of conventional film products - and by choosing Allpack to consolidate their range and introducing grip® Film, they achieved impressive results. The switch led to a 35% reduction in overall plastic usage, accompanied by a substantial cost saving. Originally consuming 130,000 kg of film annually, the adoption of grip® Film resulted in a remarkable 43% reduction, saving 55,100 kg of film annually.

Boosting Efficiency, Reducing Cost Savings, and Driving Quality Assurance

Allpack - Packing Process Intelligence

A leading UK manufacturer of pitched roof systems aimed to enhance efficiency by consolidating its core product base and reducing the supplier base across its 10 sites. To meet this need, Allpack stepped in to supply all sites across the UK, bringing immediate benefits such as consolidated product ranges, packaging waste reports, a 14% annual cost saving, consistent product quality, and efficient next-day delivery. As a result, increased profitability was achieved, along with a boosted sustainability profile. 

Packaging Innovation for Safe Doughnut Delivery

Hover to zoom | Click to enlarge Durabox™ 0426 Carton Diecut 70% Recycled

The brand owner of a well known international confectionary company sought a new transit packaging solution for ecommerce sales, particularly for soft, fresh doughnuts. Allpack proposed an innovative outer box design that not only minimised damages but also enhanced the end consumer experience, creating improved opportunities for customer engagement. The design, featuring a peel-and-seal ripper strip, eliminated the need for tape and decreased packaging waste. The benefits included plastic-free packaging solutions, the use of FSC® and BRC-certified board, and the opportunity to take advantage of carbon-neutral deliveries. The scale of the operation yielded a significant improvement in their green initiatives and waste reduction while cutting fulfilment times significantly. 

Eco-Friendly Alternatives and Plastic Reduction

Allpack - Sustainable Packaging

A Worldwide Cabling Brand

A global cabling brand aimed to reduce its plastic packaging use and adopt a more eco-friendly approach. Allpack proposed multiple paper alternatives and introduced Oxbox® cartons with a minimum of 30% recycled content, ensuring Plastic Packaging Tax compliance and greener operations overall. The result: the elimination of 51 million plastic bags from the supply chain, equivalent to 127.5 tonnes of single-use plastic. 

As outlined in our retail projects, these widespread material changes have helped yield significant reductions in plastic waste across the supply chain, fostering improved brand image and yielding improved sustainability in the long term.

A Multinational Construction Company

A multinational construction product developer and manufacturer prioritised sustainability in its packaging solutions, requiring more environmentally viable materials in their operations. Allpack suggested paper alternatives wherever possible, including paper tapes, document-enclosed wallets, and FSC® certified board. For products without paper alternatives, an alternative film made from 30% recycled material was proposed. This eco-friendly approach resulted in a saving of 36,316 kg of CO2, enhancing the company's green credentials and helping to strengthen its environmental policy from the outset.

The Long–term Impact of Packaging Sustainability

Allpack - Driving Sustainable Practices

Showcasing the transition to eco-friendly packaging goes beyond environmental responsibility; it positively impacts business and consumer perception. Studies reveal that consumers are increasingly favouring brands with sustainable practices, leading to increased brand loyalty and positive public relations.

Further, these transitions contribute significantly to reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste. By embracing circular economy principles, these brands are setting the stage for a more sustainable future, influencing their industry peers and creating an operational sea change in which packaging is no longer a burden on the planet.

The path towards sustainable packaging is ongoing, requiring continuous innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment from businesses and consumers alike. That’s why we’re on hand to help businesses take the transitionary steps to a sustainable and greener packaging future. 

We’ve helped industry leaders across multiple industry sectors to switch to increasingly efficient, sustainable packaging systems. To find out how we can assist with upgrading your eco-packaging processes, send us a message, call us on 01543 396 700, or email us at