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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


Easy-to-Integrate Innovations to Improve Workplace Safety and Efficiency


Making the change to more efficient packaging systems can benefit your business on several fronts. From increased efficiency, to reduced material use and lower costs, adding new innovations into your warehouse or fulfilment operation offers a range of benefits--including a safer work environment for your staff. 

To help drive your workflow in a safer, more efficient direction, here are some industry-beating innovations to simplify the packing process:




Nailing the most efficient solution for your end-of-line packaging can be tricky. But when it comes to stretch film, material innovation is provably the way to go. 

The majority of stretch films available consist of five film layers, but Sigmawrap has been created by packing in 55 layers, using cutting-edge extrusion technology to produce a film with a 400% stretch capacity, leading to savings to material savings of up to 50%.

What’s more, Sigmawrap is manufactured using 30% recycled content, serving as the ideal eco-friendly stretch film replacement and readying your business for the UK Plastic Packaging Tax, taking effect from April 2022.    




The performance of your tape dispensers might well seem like a trivial issue when you’re considering the overall efficiency of your operation, but changing to market-leading alternatives will offer your staff numerous usability and safety benefits. 

ZeroTape® has been ergonomically designed to reduce muscular activity by up to 23% by adjusting the user’s wrist position during use, helping to lessen stress and strain, letting your staff work for longer without interruption. 

A quick-lock mechanism facilitates easy tape roll replacement, while a unique proprietary blade replacement system removes the need for tools, getting your workforce back to work in an instant. 

Grip™ Magentised Dispenser 



When it comes to manual wrapping, there’s a host of portable dispensers to choose from. But if optimised storage, efficient film application and maximised safety are top priorities, the Grip™ Magentised Dispenser is the ideal choice.

The innovative dispensing unit is packed with a host of features to maximise user safety and increase efficiency and performance, with a host of easy-to-use features, including a twist-lock for tension control, a hardwearing skid plate and lightweight frame. The result is a robust manual film applicator that ensures uniform wrapping up to 40% more quickly than standard dispensers.