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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


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The global parcel delivery leader DHL has recently integrated Grip Systems’ innovate film dispenser into one of its major UK distribution centres, citing the dispenser’s safety, robustness, and efficiency of use as key in increasing the security and transportability of its pallets.

The unique dispensing system aids in reducing the risk of work-related injuries and product damage, owing to improved load stability, while a heightened sheet grip allows for a uniform wrap coverage for the load.

DHL Overview - Short Version

DHL, whose workforce is 500,000 strong globally, operates in over 200 countries, supplying over 80% of the goods sold in the 300 stores that make up London’s Oxford Street.

Founded in California in 1969, DHL’s reputation as a world leader in parcel delivery has been well earned, with innovations such as delivery by helicopter—launched in 2015--for urgent documents to and from key financial bases across North America and the UK, serving to highlight its forward-thinking approach to courier services.

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Grip™ is a revolutionary pallet wrapping system, designed to transform the way you wrap pallets.

  • Grip™ is FASTER. Pallet wrapping time is reduced by up to 40%, and roll changeovers take just seconds
  • Grip™ is SAFER. The lightweight dispenser eliminates excessive bending and stretching and removes the need for users to walk backwards
  • Grip™ is more SECURE. The unique self-gripping and contracting film provides maximum load stability, and the low-profile dispenser ensures a secure connection between the pallet and the load
  • Grip™ is more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. 40% less plastic is used, without any loss of load integrity
  • Grip™ is CHEAPER. The wrapping process is sped up and less material is used

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