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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


Paper Strapping?


How many times have you tripped over polypropylene strapping in your warehouse? When you gather it up in frustration and try and force it in the bin do you ever wonder why it needs to be so unbelievably tough and so difficult to dispose of? Have you ever thought about how many hundreds of years it will sit in landfill before it finally breaks down?

We have the answer. Allpack Ecostrap™ paper strapping. This is a miraculous product; who would have dreamt it would be possible to replace plastic strapping with a entirely eco-friendly alternative?

With a breaking strain of an astonishing 55kg, this ground-breaking strapping is tough enough to cope with most parcel strapping applications, and it can be recycled in the same way as your card and paper. It can be easily folded too so is much simpler to handle and dispose of. The strapping can be used on conventional semi-automatic or fully automatic strapping machines so no need to purchase an expensive new piece of machinery.

Made from FSC accredited paper, this fully sustainable and fully recyclable product is a brilliant packaging innovation that is enjoying a phenomenal take up by environmentally conscious companies across the globe.

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Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Paper not plastic Recyclable and biodegradable
Breaking strain of 55kg Strong enough for most demanding parcel strapping needs
Smooth paper strapping Less dust than embossed paper
FSC certified paper Sustainable source 
Flexible usage Can be used on a variety of banding applications 
Can be printed with your brand Promote your brand and also shout about your eco-friendly credentials
Runs on conventional semi-automatic or fully automatic strapping machines No need to purchase an expensive new piece of machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is this product even possible?

A. The back-room boys have really done us proud this time! They have blended advanced technology with amazing creativity to achieve a miracle of packaging.

Q. How does this really compare with polypropylene strapping? 

A. This strapping is not a strong as polypropylene, we freely admit that. However, the facts are that the most polypropylene strapping is way stronger than it needs to be - the solution is over-engineered. Paper strapping will do a perfect job in most applications - and it's plastic free!

Q Is paper strapping more expensive?

A. The cost per roll is higher for paper strapping - the cost to the environment for conventional strapping is incalculable. However, this is a new technology and demand is high - we can expect to see prices tumble as better and more efficient manufacturing processes are developed.