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Quick Tips for Speedier Packing

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We’ve all heard the expression ‘time is money’. It’s an adage that holds true across virtually all industries and professions. And if you’re reading this, you’re no doubt looking for ways to cut packing and order fulfilment times to handle increases in throughput during busy periods. But ensuring packing times are cut without sacrificing on the protection capacity of your current packaging can be a tricky undertaking - both in cost management and material use terms. 

Nevertheless, here are some simple, effective ideas to consider when assessing the efficiency and speed of your business’s packing processes. 

Integrate flexible void fill dispensers

Switching to portable, modular void fill dispensers offers a range of usability benefits for warehouse staff. From lightweight, boxed paper dispensers to high-speed automated machines, integrating several transportable options into your pack stations allows staff to access void fill materials with speed and ease. 

By doing away with fixed void fill hoppers, packing operatives save time on travelling to centralised dispensers to fill cartons and parcels. Paper alternatives and air pillows also allow for more measurable, repeatable material use over time. 

Add more waste disposal points

Much like integrating lightweight void fill dispensers into your packing stations, increasing the number of waste disposal bins in your warehouse or fulfilment centre reduces pack times overall (since time spent locating and removing excess material is cut) and facilitates a simpler, streamlined clean-up during busy periods. Creating dedicated waste points for different materials also serves to improve your recycling and waste management processes too, since materials can be processed with added speed and ease.

Choose packaging that has it all 

While making adjustments to your pack station can speed up workflows and eliminate needless movement for packers, switching to packaging solutions that are fit with built-in protective components and sealing features can save even more time for your business. 

Quick-pack options like Boxwrap™ and the Boomerang carton contain peel-and-seal strips for almost instant parcel securing, removing the need for carton tape and minimisnig storage needs, since they’re flat-packed and offer superfast assembly during use. 

Go automated

If your business is experiencing ongoing growth and a subsequent uptick in throughput, leading to more handling for warehouse staff, it may be time to consider automated packing machines to add expediency and efficiency to your operation. 

From carton erectors, box sealers and in-line labellers, to auto-folding machines and lidding units, packaging automation is the ideal choice for businesses wishing to scale for growth, letting you redirect your workforce to focus on other core duties such as order processing and loading items for transportation. 

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