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Sustainable Packaging - Allpack


It is no secret that globally, the amount of plastic polluting the ocean and filling landfills is increasing at an alarming rate. Here are a few key statistics highlighting the problem we are facing:

  • Just one third of plastic packaging is recycled in the UK, that means two thirds ends up in landfill where a small proportion gets incinerated.
  • For every sea creature, there are six pieces of plastic polluting our oceans, that equates to around 46,000 pieces of plastic waste per square mile.
  • Half of plastic waste has only ever been used once, single-use plastic includes everyday items such as food packaging, water bottles, takeaway coffee lids and more.

How do we address plastic usage in the packaging industry?

As key contributors to plastic pollution globally, there are a number of ways to reduce, reuse or recycle plastic in the industry – or to cut it out altogether and opt for more eco-friendly materials.

Alternative materials for packaging


Eco-friendly mailing bags

As an alternative to the typical polythene mailing bags, these bags have been developed using sugar cane, described as the greenest option on the market. This is a carbon neutral option which still retains the same level of strength and durability as standard polythene bags.

Ecostrap™ paper strapping

Ecostrap™ is an eco-friendly alternative to polypropylene strapping which is used to secure packaging. This plastic-free paper strapping can bear weight of up to 55kg, so is a high performing solution which can also be easily recycled.


ecorap™ Corrugated Paper Roll

This paper wrapping solution is an eco-friendly alternative to bubblewrap. The corrugation adds strength and durability to the paper, giving it a protective quality to prevent damage to products when wrapped. ecorap™ is reusable and recyclable.



Paper Shooter Voidfill System Paperplus 

The Paperplus Voidfill System is a heavier packing solution than plastic air bubbles, but affords significantly more flexibility in packing, and is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic void fill. The crumpled paper is manipulated into chevrons, giving the paper more strength to provide insulation and protective layering.

Woolcool fleece liners

This eco-friendly product uses the natural insulating properties of wool in fresh food packages of up to 30kg. These liners are a fully compostable alternative to traditional thermal packaging liners and are usually used for fresh fruit and vegetables, chocolates and confectionaries.


Recycled materials for packaging

Vortex-Eco blown hexene stretch film

This unique stretch film is the made of 30% recycled polymer, 19% virgin polymer, and 51% plant resin. It is the first carbon neutral stretch film and offers an eco-friendly alternative to other plastic cling and stretch wraps.


Standard polythene mailing bags

These standard mailing bags are made from recycled materials and are themselves easily recycled. They provide a lightweight postage solution for garments and are durable enough to withstand breakage in transit.