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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


Three Postal Packaging Options That Are Eco-Friendly, Low-Cost and High-Performance

Despite the increasing uncertainty and unpredictability of a post-Brexit Britain and the covid-induced wholesale closure of national institutions in 2020, many e-commerce retailers have been experiencing unprecedented growth in recent months, owing to the increase in demand brought about by limited in-person shopping experiences and the increased time spent indoors.

The online surge has forced many businesses to redirect their focus and shift their efforts into serving web-based custom. But a pivotal cog in the engine of any web-based operation is its product packaging, both in terms of product safety and cost-efficiency. 

So with that in mind, here are three cost-effective, highly protective and green postal packing options that can be integrated into your packing operation quickly and efficiently, doing away with ill-suiting, bulky boxes and substandard mailing pouches. 


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Lightweight, sustainably sourced and fully recyclable, the Enviromail™ envelope securely protects, with corrugated paper fluting and resistant sealing providing a firm yet lightweight surround for your goods, proving to be superior to bubble mailer envelopes in protection capacity.


Insuremail Premium™ 


This robust and versatile mailing bag takes quality construction to the next level, combining an ultra-strong 115 gsm Kraft paper outer and strengthened seal with a premium bubble lining, providing ample protection for fragile goods and eliminating the need for void fill.

Allpack’s heavy-hitting packaging solution has been built from FSC-certified paper and can be disposed of with ease. Simply and cleanly separate the bubble lining from the paper outer for a quick and simple recycling process.





Sustainably sourced and fully recyclable, Boxwrap™ is an environmentally friendly packaging solution packed with design innovations, such as a space-saving fold design and a protrusive outer shell, crafted to protect your goods in transit. 

Both fast and simple to use, Boxwrap™ features an ultra-strong tamper-evident seal, removing the need for tape and providing added security. 

Boxwrap™ features multiple height creases for maximum packing flexibility, so your parcel can hold more in just a single package, making it the ideal choice for e-commerce operations.



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