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Three Simple Yet Effective Ideas to Boost An Unboxing Experience

Simple Yet Effective Ideas for Boosting Your Unboxing Experience

As the cost of living in the UK continues to rise month-on-month, value for money has become perhaps the single most important factor for consumers to consider nationwide. But with the distribution strength of the UK’s largest retailers offering boundless choice and ultra-fast delivery at the touch of the button, maintaining a commercial foothold has become a growing challenge.

Nevertheless, where some expediency is lost, smaller retail and e-commerce operations can strengthen their position in the trading landscape by maximising their customers’ unboxing experience. 

So to make the journey from ‘buy now’ to a five-star review quicker, simpler and more frequent, here are three simple yet effective considerations.

Consider material choices 

Despite the ease of purchasing facilitated by online services and the nation’s largest brands, shoppers are increasingly voicing concerns over packaging sustainability and highlighting the impact of ill-suited cartons and difficult-to-recycle materials landing on their doorstep.

A recent study conducted by Smurfit Kappa found that 35% of fashion consumers across the UK, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands wouldn’t complete an online order if its packaging weren’t environmentally friendly

But identifying opportunities to introduce more efficient packaging and sustainable materials can be difficult, which is why we’re on hand to offer expert consulting service for businesses, accounting for a range of key factors - including costs, materials and processes. Contact us today for more information.

Asses your volumes

While material and personalisation choices matter, and the reusability of the packaging you use plays a big role in reflecting your brand, overfilling cartons (even for the purposes of product safety and security) and ladening your package with mountains of proverbial bells and whistles can serve to damage your brand.

The degree to which you add personalisation to your package should align with your brand’s approach to sustainability, which means not packing in needless materials and labels, since these are often non-recyclable and can potentially damage your brand in the long run. Similarly, going over the top with material choices can increase pack weights and result in increased costs for the consumer.

For low-price goods, thinking practically about your packaging is essential. If your product is small and lightweight, adding mounds of air cushions to an oversized carton is likely to increase the potential for damage (since the product will likely move around in the pack) and will leave a negative impression with consumers. Further, making the unboxing process needlessly lengthy by way of pack density and size can lead to frustration, particularly for budget products and consumables. 

Engage your customer with Interactive packaging

When it comes to packaging, it can be easy to think the most crucial markers to tick off for what could be considered ‘good packaging’ are simply the protective capacity, weight and durability of the materials. In reality though, your packaging should be an extension of your brand; the design, attention to detail and function should serve to represent your brand values, devotion to customer service and commitment to quality.

But boosting the customer experience with an interactive approach doesn’t have to mean investing in costly materials and introducing a myriad of new technologies into your business.

Applying simple printed instructions for users to share their purchases (or to access new offers) on web channels and across social media extends engagement time significantly, helping to cultivate a richer, more memorable buying experience. 

From personalised messages and form-fitting boxes to exclusive offers via QR codes and NFC tags, there’s a host of innovative features available to businesses to bolster brand image to consumers. And in an age of unboxing videos reaching millions of avid viewers online, making your packaging count is more important than ever. Find out more today about how we can craft innovative solutions to boost your brand.