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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


55 layer Stretch Film

sigmawrap-film technical illustration

Sigmawrap™ is a revolution in raw material blend innovation, containing a remarkable 55 layers, which, when combined with cutting edge extrusion technology, results in the last word in high performance, economical machine shrink wrap. Comparatively, a conventional film is made up of just 5 layers, offering a mere fraction of the performance of Sigmawrap™.

  • The 55 provides constant stretch while wrapping, guaranteeing stable and controlled use.
  • The 55 provides greater stability and security for the packed load
  • The 55 provides unrivalled stretch capacity of up to 400%, which means up to 50% less film is required
  • The 55 provides massive reduction in waste due to less film being required
  • The 55 provides exceptional costs savings with wrapping costs being cut by up to 40%
  • The 55 provides stronger film edges, which facilitates unwrapping while more effectively securing the load.
  • The 55 includes 30% recycled material which means that it is exempt from the plastic packaging tax.

Sigmawrap™ – 55 times better.

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Full Specification



Spec Sheet


125 - machine film 500mm x 2800m x 12mu clear (16.76kg/roll) - 1.3kg core

19SIGC01 Spec Sheet

19SIGC04 140 - machine film 500mm x 1600m x 20mu clear (16.02kg/roll) - 1.3kg core 19SICC04 Spec Sheet
19SIGC05 130 - machine film 500mm x 2200m x 15mu clear (16.48kg/roll) - 1.3kg core 19SIGC05 Spec Sheet


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is different with Sigmawrap™?

A. Made up from 55 layers, Sigmawrap is the most economical and best performing machine stretch film on the market.

Q. Is Sigmawrap™ eco-friendly?

A. Sigmawrap uses up to 50% less material and is made using 30% recycled material, which makes it one the most eco-friendly products on the market.

Q Does Sigmawrap™ really stretch up to 400%?

A Yes, a 1 metre piece of Sigmawrap™ will stretch up to 4 times its own length. But don't take our word for it - try if for yourself.