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Why Eco-Friendly Packaging is the Future of eCommerce

Why Eco-Friendly Packaging is the Future of Ecommerce

While many bricks and mortar retailers have seen an uptick in popularity in the post-pandemic era, long-term consumer buying trends show e-commerce has become an integral part of our lives. But with the convenience of online shopping, there's a growing concern about the environmental impact of excessive packaging waste. As consumers become more conscious of their carbon footprint, businesses must adapt to meet their demands for sustainable solutions. 

The Green Shift in eCommerce

The rise of ecommerce has revolutionised the way we shop, offering unparalleled convenience and access to products from across the globe. However, this digital retail boom has also brought to light a concerning issue - the staggering amount of packaging waste generated by online purchases. The sight of overflowing bins laden with plastic, cardboard, and packing materials has sparked a global conversation about the environmental consequences of such practices.

As a result, there's been a significant shift in consumer attitudes. Shoppers are no longer just concerned about the quality and price of products; they're increasingly mindful of the environmental impact of their purchases. This shift in consumer behaviour has prompted ecommerce businesses to reconsider their packaging strategies, leading to a surge in demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

To help you on the path to better packing processes, here’s a rundown of essential sustainable solutions for boosted efficiency and performance.

Embracing Versatility in Packaging

For ecommerce operators, addressing the diverse array of product sizes and shapes is a challenge that cannot be overlooked. The need for versatile packaging solutions has become pivotal to meet these varying demands head-on.

Returnable Cartons and Book Wraps


In response to this challenge, products like the Boomerang™ Rapid Return Box come to the fore. This eco-friendly carton not only minimises waste but also supports circular economy practices. Moreover, it offers the added benefit of custom branding. Built for durability, easy assembly, and cost-effectiveness, the Boomerang™ carton optimises product protection, operational efficiency, and your brand's commitment to sustainability.


Book Wraps


For businesses dealing with delicate items like books, magazines, and paper goods, Boxwrap™ emerges as an accessible combination of cardboard strength and wrap-like convenience. This solution provides consistent protection without the need for supplementary materials. Its user-friendly design not only streamlines the packaging process but also curbs wastage, delivering efficiency on multiple fronts.

Driving Towards a Greener Future

For businesses operating at high volumes and using tape to seal their packs and cartons, eco-friendly sealing solutions have become pivotal in reducing plastic use. They stand as a pivotal driver in diminishing the ecological footprint we leave behind. 

Recycled Polyester Tape

PETra Tape

Enter PETra™ Tape – a recycled polyester tape that not only ensures secure package sealing but also significantly reduces environmental impact. With its exceptional resistance to tearing, this versatile choice seamlessly performs across diverse applications. Additionally, its narrow profile brings about an impressive 20% reduction in plastic usage, translating into substantial savings.

Water-Activated Paper Tape

Gummed paper tape

Gummed Paper Tape represents an uncomplicated yet impactful alternative to conventional plastic tape. By activating its adhesive properties through moisture, this tape forms a strong bond that ensures parcels remain securely sealed during transit. Made from renewable resources, this tape further reinforces your commitment to responsible packaging practices.

Self-Adhesive Paper Tape


Self-adhesive paper tape strikes the perfect harmony between strength and durability. Blending the inherent eco-friendliness of paper with the resilience of fibreglass threads, this tape provides robust sealing solutions, even for bulkier packages. Its self-adhesive nature eliminates the need for cumbersome dispensing units, all the while instilling confidence in the secure transport of your items.

Optimal Protection for Shipping

In the realm of high-volume shipping and reliance on third-party delivery services, ensuring the safety of products during transit stands as an imperative to prevent needless material use and slow down packing times. 

Paper Wraps and Sheets

White Hexcel & Vase

Hexcel wrap is an efficient, easy-to-apply alternative to conventional bubble wrap. The paper wrap emerges as a steadfast choice for delicate items during shipping. This sustainable alternative not only reduces waste but also fosters greener packaging practices. It caters to the trifecta of item padding, space filling, and bundling, all sans the need for tape or plastic fillers. The quick and uncomplicated application further renders it an ideal fit for e-commerce businesses.

Paper Bubble Wrap 

M-Boss™ Paper Bubble Wrap

For those seeking a plastic-free solution that ensures the safe transit of fragile items, the M-Boss™ Paper Bubble Wrap emerges as the answer. Crafted from recyclable paper, these lightweight sheets provide efficient protection without adding unnecessary bulk or weight to your packaging.

Eco-Friendly Void-Fill Solutions

BoxFill.z™ zigzag Paper Plain Kraft

The importance of sustainable void-fill solutions cannot be overstated. In the move towards environmental responsibility, innovation in eco-performance is the catalyst to cater to diverse requirements.

Transitioning towards sustainability, recyclable paper void-fill emerges as a conscientious alternative to conventional plastic fillers. This eco-conscious choice not only cushions and protects products during shipping but also mitigates environmental repercussions. Its versatility extends to supporting greener waste management practices, given that paper packaging is inherently more recyclable than materials like styrofoam or polystyrene.

Efficiency in Packaging: A Foundation for Success

Swift assembly, user-friendliness, and optimal protection are fundamental aspects sought by ecommerce businesses to enhance their operations. Recognising the pivotal role of efficiency and performance, more and more businesses offer products meticulously designed to streamline packaging processes, thereby fostering a culture of enhanced productivity.

Embrace the Sustainable Shift

In the drive towards a sustainable future, the role of eco-friendly packaging solutions is undeniable. Allpack’s bespoke range of offerings captures the essence of efficiency, protection, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. By embracing these sustainable packaging options, businesses can actively contribute to a greener tomorrow while seamlessly navigating the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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